This quantity discusses the applicability of parallel optical interconnects to desktop architectures. It rather emphasizes structures that use loose house optics as an intermediate medium among optoelectronic arrays. the 1st part is a evaluation of passive and lively parts compatible for 3D integration. It comprises reflective and refractive parts, reminiscent of miniature lenses and traditional and artificial holograms, in addition to optoelectronic semiconductor units, spatial mild modulators, photorefractive fabrics, and acousto-optical units. each one part is safely defined in regards to its barriers and views for its development. the second one part covers interconnection schemes and structures utilizing those parts. devoted architectures, comparable to correlators and optical mobile automata, and basic objective structures, reminiscent of interconnect networks and intracomputer inteconnecting frameworks, are provided. Spatial density, bandwidth, and effort stability are thought of to permit overview of the relevance of the several architectures investigated within the publication.

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