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502-557 Da Mo (Indian Prince and Buddhist monk) settles within the Shaolin temple giving beginning to martial qigong. writer of Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon altering vintage) and Xi Sui Jing (Brain Marrow Washing vintage) c. 283-343. exterior Elixir Qigong (Wei Dan) c. 652 Beiji Qianjin Yaofang Thousand Gold Prescriptions was once written by means of sunlight SiMiao. c. 34-156 Zhang DaoLing validated the five Pecks of Rice – ZhengYi culture. Ge Hong lives c. twelfth century c. 610 Zhu Bing Yun Hou Lun Thesis at the Origins and signs of varied illnesses was once written by means of Chao YuanFang. non secular Qigong is born as Buddhism (aimed at achieving Buddhahood) blends with earlier qigong practices. this kind of qigong used to be mystery and merely taught in temples. The America’s are “discovered” by way of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Marshal Yeuh Fei creates Xing Yi Chuan. Proliferation of qigong and martial arts kinds spiritual Qigong and meditative practices stay vague and personal following the culture of being handed on by means of instructor to scholar. Daoist 5 Qigong is created. Qigong speeds up into international view. China’s borders start to open, and the qigong and martial arts succeed in global entry. The impression is bilateral in that the paintings is realized by way of non-Chinese in its purity yet later replaced, tailored, and reworked in accordance with neighborhood and cultural impacts. Chen, Yang, Wu, and solar Tai chi Chuan lineages emerge. c. 1644-1911 BaGuaZhang emerges and is attributed to Dong Hai-Chuan. through this era Tai Chi and Qigong have unfold all through China and start evolving into exact relations types or structures in line with neighborhood and private software. Republic of China 1911-today People’s Republic of China 1949-today Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 CE Yuan Dynasty 1279-1368 CE Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 CE c. 1127-1279 8 items of Brocade used to be created by way of Marshal Yeuh Fei. inner Elixir (NeiDan) emerges. Chang San-Feng creates Tai Qi Chuan. Northern & Southern music Dynasties 960-1279 CE Sui & Tang Dynasties 581-907 CE Six Dynasties: three Kingdoms, Western and japanese Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties 220 CE-589 CE Preface 139 This web page deliberately left clean. Preface word list axilla—The hole underneath the arm; armpit. breath—Another time period for qi; the air we breathe. effervescent Well—English identify for the acupuncture aspect Kidney 1 (Yong Quan), positioned at the backside of the foot and during which qi flows up from the Earth. perception Vessel—One of the 8 awesome Vessels. (Vessels are just like meridians. ) The notion Vessel runs alongside front midline of the physique from the perineum as much as the mouth, the place it connects to the Governing Vessel. The perception vessel distributes yin qi through the physique and is named the ocean of yin. dantian—Literally interprets as “elixir box” and will be interpreted as an strength box. There are 3 dantian within the physique: the pelvic zone (lower dantian), the guts of the chest (middle dantian), and the top (upper dantian). The dantian are one of many correlations of the 3 Treasures. 5 parts Theory—a thought of lively stability among the energies of water, wooden, fireplace, earth and steel.

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