Bounds on moments of order information were of curiosity on account that Sir Francis Galton (1902) flrst addressed the matter of really dividing flrst and moment prize funds in a contest. the current compendium of effects represents our attempt to variety the plethora of effects into a few semblance of order. we've got attempted to assign precedence for effects effectively. we are going to cheerfully settle for corrections. Omissions of fascinating effects have necessarily happened. in this too we watch for (cheerful) corrections. we're thankful to Peggy Franklin (University of California), Janet Leach, Domenica Calabria and Patsy Chan (McMaster collage) who shared the accountability of typing the manuscript. The flnal type of the manuscript owes a lot to their ability and endurance. Barry C. Arnold Riverside, California U. S. A. N. Balakrishnan Hamilton, Ontario Canada November, 1988 desk of Contents bankruptcy 1: TIlE DISTRIBUTION OF ORDER information workouts four bankruptcy 2: RECURRENCE family AND IDENTITIES FOR ORDER information 2. zero. advent five 2. 1. family for unmarried moments 6 2. 2. kin for product moments nine 2. three. kin for covariances thirteen 15 2. four. effects for symmetric populations 2. five. effects for regular inhabitants 17 20 2. 6. effects for 2 comparable populations 2. 7. effects for exchangeable variates 23 25 routines bankruptcy three: BOUNDS ON expectancies OF ORDER information three. zero. advent 38 three. 1. common bounds within the Li. d. case 38 three. 2. adaptations at the Samuelson-Scott topic forty three three. three.

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