By Yvan Pannatier

1.1 evaluation V ARIOWIN 2.2 is a set of 4 home windows™ courses - Prevar2D, Vari02D with PCF, version, and Grid reveal - which are used for spatial info research and variogram modeling of irregularly spaced information in dimensions. Prevar2D builds a couple comparability dossier (PCF), that's, a binary dossier containing pairs of information looked after when it comes to expanding distance. Pair comparability records may be equipped from subsets to be able to decrease reminiscence necessities. Vari02D with PCF is used for spatial info research of 2nd info. It makes use of an ASCII facts dossier and a binary pair comparability dossier produced by way of Prevar2D. positive factors applied in Vari02D with PCF contain: • the chance to symbolize the spatial continuity of 1 variable or the joined spatial continuity of 2 variables, • variogram surfaces for deciding on instructions of anisotropies, • directional variograms calculated alongside any path, • numerous measures of spatial continuity. not just the variogram but additionally the standardized variogram, the covariance, the correlogram, and the madogram are used to degree spatial continuity. • h-scatterplots to evaluate the which means of those measures, • the identity and localization of pairs of knowledge adversely affecting the degree of spatial continuity. as soon as pointed out, those pairs may be masked from the calculation interactively. • variogram clouds for deciding on pairs of information values having the main impact at the degree of spatial continuity. these pairs is additionally situated at the pattern map.

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